NAPAFASA is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) membership organization dedicated to mental health advocacy through research, efforts at public health and policy reform, and community empowerment.

We are committed to social justice and health equity through working to reduce substance use disorder, promoting harm reduction, and partnering with our communities to achieve mental wellness. In order to get there, we know it takes putting community voices at the heart of our work.

We aim to involve

This means direct participation by everyday people, sharing their views and experiences.

We aim to connect

It means bringing people together to share knowledge, tools, personal stories, and encouragement with each other.

We aim to represent

While we are rooted in serving Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, we know that the well-being of one community is bound up with the well-being across diverse communities, so we work with people from all backgrounds.

Current Projects

  • Opioid and Stimulant Use Disorder

    Community education on medication assisted treatment for Opioid and Stimulant Use Disorder

  • Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation

    Outreach and education to reduce tobacco use and secondhand smoke to promote healthier living in multiunit housing throughout Los Angeles County.

    Connect what we’re doing in Rosemead and the broader San Gabriel Valley:


  • AAPI Equity Alliance
  • NCAPA - National Council of Asian Pacific Americans

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