Parent Corps Project

The Parent Corps The Parent Corps program was established in 2003 by the Bush Administration to develop a national program to recruit and support parents of teenagers to prevent substance abuse in the U.S. The Parent Corps is modeled after the Americorps volunteer program to a certain extent.


The goal of the Parent Corps is to reduce substance abuse in our communities by establishing a statewide and national level network of parents committed to substance abuse prevention and their local communities. The NAPAFASA Parent Corps efforts will initially focus on Asian American and Pacific Islander parents and youth.

NAPAFASA Parent Corps Services

The NAPAFASA Parent Corps Services

NAPAFASA, as State Partner, worked with two community based organizations, Asian American Recovery Services and Asian Pacific Family Center of Pacific Clinics, in accomplishing our goal. Two parent leaders were selected to implement the program in two schools. Together, we worked to educate the parents in their child's school and motivate them to take action to prevent drug use among their children.

Parent Corps Leaders

Susan Fan
Susanne Middle School,
Walnut High School
Susan's ParentCorp Site


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