PULSE Newsletter

PULSE is a youth-led digital and print newsletter. We publish quarterly each year, each having a theme depending on national and global affairs. You can download the issues under the Resources tab!

In the past, NAPAFASA released different kinds of newsletters using different formats. In 2020 during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, our graduate student interns Bel, Huiyu, and Stacy, led the relaunch of our newsletter and rebranded it as PULSE. In this relaunch, staff writers wrote about topics such as racism and other kinds of violence towards marginalized communities, the youth voice, immigration, public health, substance use, and the nuances of identity.

PULSE continues to grow, celebrating independent artists and writers; highlighting small businesses; and discussing hot topics, including those that impact the Asian and Pacific Islander global diaspora.

Request for Submissions:

Are you an artist and would you like any of your work top be featured in the next issue of PULSE? Do you want to flex your writing skills or find an alternative creative outlet?

NEXT ISSUE: Fall 2023

THEME: “Indigenous Resistance”

CURRENTLY ACCEPTING until NOV 15th: visual art, small business review, op-eds, creative writing

COMPENSATION: Please inquire within

For more information, please visit: PULSE Newsletter Guest Writer; PULSE Newsletter Guest Artist