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The front cover of the first re-launch of PULSE Newsletter in August 2020. The background has a watermark of people protesting.

PULSE Newsletter

PULSE is a youth-led digital and print newsletter. We publish quarterly each year, each having a theme depending on national and global affairs. You can download the issues under the Resources tab! In the past, NAPAFASA released different kinds of newsletters using different formats. In 2020 during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, our…

A palette with paint splatter is on the right of "Healing HeARTS," the name of the project.

Stop the Hate: Healing HeARTS

ABOUT HEALING HEARTS healing hearts 2024: tough conversations For Healing HeARTS 2024, we’re prioritizing tough conversations―how we initiate them, what we talk about, how to hold space for challenging emotions, and when and how to walk away. By combining emotional expression through art, conflict management training, and critical analysis of history and the media, we…