Stories of Solidarity: A Community Art Project

Stop the Hate Community Art Project is looking for 10 participants aged 14-24 in Los Angeles County to participate in bi-weekly discussion spaces for various topics such as labor, civil rights, and social justice movements and the art created in response during those times. Participants will also create their own art pieces which will be displayed during a public art installation in May.

Each participant will:

  • develop a unique art piece in response to the question,
    “What does it mean to stop the hate?”
  • be paired with an art teacher (if desired)
  • be provided a $100 gift card donation from BLICK Art
  • be awarded a $250 stipend

Note: Participants are NOT required to have any formal art background or training, but rather, a desire to learn and express in new ways.

Applications are due February 15, 2023! To submit an application, go to:

Please contact for any questions, comments, or concerns.